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  • The Captain of my Storm
SKU: Deanna McDonald Tonery 1 Soft Cover 1

The Captain of my Storm


Welcome to the Storm


  • Soft Cover Edition


Are you weary from the waves? How do you survive when you feel like you are losing everything? How do you cope when you truly have lost everything that was important to you? The Captain of my Storm is a story of how God can heal the brokenhearted. It may sound foreign to you, but this book can attest that God is with you. As you move through the storms of life, whether it be divorce, death, breakups, lost friendships or anything else this life may throw at us, this book will encourage you to focus on God—He knows every ache in your heart and will stand with you through all the storms. This is a practical example on how to anchor in the almighty Jesus, no matter what.

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