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  • Firstfruits
SKU: Jane Watrich 1 Soft Cover 2


  • Soft Cover 5x8


The firstfruits offering is a Kingdom of God principle providing an opportunity to honour God with what He has first shared with us.


Whether it is service, time, attention, or resource, giving God a portion of what we have acknowledges our respect, honour, and love for Him. He is the source of all we are, and through practicing the principle of firstfruits, we give recognition, thanksgiving, and gratitude for His goodness in our lives.


God is looking for a habitation, and when we place God first, He shows up and astonishes us with His faithfulness. We have experienced the demonstration of this kind of faithfulness, and love, over and over, and we pray for an impartation of this for you as well as you read this book.


As you journey through these pages, may the Spirit of revelation and truth blow winds of encouragement and inspiration on you.

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