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Come along with Abby on a ten day adventure as she learns how to become friends with God, applying  God’s Word and prayer to everyday challenges.

Each chapter of “Conversations with Abby” begins with Abby bouncing into the room, stopping to collect herself and coming in for a hug. She processes her day with the author as a grandmother figure who shares encouragement with God’s Word and prayer for the various challenges Abby faces in her day.

Conversations with Abby


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Conversations with Abby


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Conversations with Abby


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Viola Louko

Viola Louko lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the love of her life, John Louko, of 44 years. They are parents to two sons and one daughter, and are grandparents to four granddaughters and one grandson, ranging in age from 3-12. Viola and John enjoy spending time with their family & were in the process of planning a trip to Scandinavia when Covid 19 shut down all travel. Viola retired at the end of 2019 after 25 years as an administrative assistant in the financial industry, where she learned how change is inevitable and to go with the flow. She graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Theology from Central Pentecostal College (now Horizon College), where she met her husband. She has lived in all three prairie provinces. Viola enjoys riding her bicycle with her husband, gardening, paper quilling, sewing, crafts, playing board games, and reading. Viola is compassionate, loyal, and is known for her hugs – hugs that are safe and comforting, and bring healing. Through Viola’s embraces, even non-huggers have learned how to hug.

Viola Louko


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