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Life is a roller coaster in itself. The knowns, the unknowns, the joys, the disappointments, the trauma, the loss, and all the moments in between that seem to come full circle. In the midst of the lives we live daily, oftentimes unexpected curveballs enter into our airspace. Those moments not only affect us in the physical; they immerse themselves within our emotional, mental, and spiritual beings. These moments help to create many parts of our story, a belief system, a pattern of habits, and relationships. They can work for us or against us. They can break us or empower us. 

Tiffany Cepeda teaches you how to healthily grow through those moments in the good, the bad, and indifferent to heal, creating a new boldness within and a new love for yourself. She shares some of her own story throughout these pages from childhood, divorce, parenthood, and moments unexpected. She challenges you to explore aspects of your own story, delving into the process of healing wounds, overcoming fears, and working through brokenness and disappointment to discover the life God designed you to live.

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Tiffany Cepeda

Tiffany Cepeda is a wife and mother of four young boys, two of which are twins. She was born in Mountain View, CA and was raised most of her life in the Bay Area and in the Sacramento area of California. Tiffany has always had a heart for the youth and the next generation which is why she spent many of her college years mentoring and serving as a youth minister. She spent her time in college studying psychology to develop a solid background in understanding the brain, mental health, and simply how the body as a whole responds in various aspects. She has received ample training and education in the field of psychology where she strives to empower and mentor those in the area of business as well as those who are looking to better their everyday lives. She has spent much of her adult career in the area of sales and marketing as a former PR director and she now works alongside the realm of the real estate and tech industries. Having grown up in a broken home and a blended family herself, she understands the intricacies and various dynamics life contains and how oftentimes life itself can come at you without asking any questions. Tiffany’s passion is helping people develop practical tools for various areas of life to become well versed and successful in the way they see themselves to be. She is a visionary and an entrepreneur at heart. One of her main focuses is time with her family and finding ways to give back to the world in a positive light while bringing hope to individuals’ lives. She has found it is not just the material things in life that push us forward as much as it is our internal self and belief systems of what we can do and what we can become. Breaking those barriers can be life changing and can take one to new heights. Tiffany has always enjoyed blogging, writing, and journaling since she was in high school and desired to reach a point in her life where she could publish a series to inspire many.

Tiffany Cepeda


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