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The Bible, The Bus and Us

Extract from the adventure with The Good Shepherd…

“Grace is jiggling her back side at us!” Pops responded, and they both 

approached the window to lean on the window ledge in order to get a better look. 


“Of course,” Pops chortled.

“Of course,” Granny laughed.

And they both did a little jiggle - a bit like Grace - before saying in unison:

God planned the journey!”

They would get ready to go.

They didn’t know where the journey would take them –– they DID know that God would direct them.

Extract from the adventure with Jesus The Son Of God…

Every child was silent; each child was thinking in hushed amazement:

‘I’m doing the impossible: I’m walking on water!’

Jesus, who knows all things and everyone’s thoughts, chuckled within himself as he remembered how he had once told his disciples hundreds of years ago: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

The Bible, The Bus and Us


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The Bible, The Bus and Us eBook


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Sharon Farren

Several ‘B’s’ have shaped Sharon’s unique-self: the Bible, Born Rhodesian, Bred South African, Born-again aged 27, Books, the Beauty of God’s creation - Birds, Beach, Bush, Berg (mountains) - and, of course, Braais (barbeques). Sharon considers each new day to be her Blank page and gives it over to God with the prayer, “My time is in your hands.”

Sharon’s sister, Anne, has always teasingly called her a thinker. “Procrastinator may be a better description,” Sharon laughs. “Daydreaming about life, whilst relaxing in the sunshine with a copious cup of tea, is a favourite - and frequent - occupation!”

Motivated by the knowledge that the Gospel will be lost if just one generation is not taught, Sharon has a deep desire to reach out to children and teach them through her stories.

She also feels called to unpack the Bible stories to a deeper level for children already familiar with many of them. Through their encounters with Jesus in ‘The Bible The Bus and Us’, readers will meet up with the living God. A conversation with her 10-year-old granddaughter, who has attended Sunday School since she was a toddler, stirred Sharon to urgency.

“I’m so bored with Sunday school, Granny. They tell the same stories over and over again. There’s never anything new to learn.”

Sharon’s vision for this book, and more to come in the series, is to create an understanding of, and fascination for, the age-old Bible stories in the Old and New Testaments, which will encourage children worldwide to build a firm, Christian foundation. Her prayer for every child is that they will grow to know God in a deep, meaningful way that will become a way of life and a lifetime experience.

Sharon’s message is that the Gospel story does not end at the Resurrection: there is God’s highway beyond the Cross, and He wants His children to journey on it alongside Him. His dream for them is that they will grow in faith.

Sharon Farren


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