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Seeds of Wisdom

With over 30 collective voices, Seeds of Wisdom is a devotional released by Yairus Publishing House and featuring Yairus authors! It contains encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, and blessing for your daily life. Within these covers, you'll discover nuggets of truth supported by the Word of God relating to perseverance, courage, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, blessing, devotion, surrender and victory. 

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Seeds of Wisdom


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Seeds of Wisdom

Featuring contributing authors: 

• Alexandra Zarycka

• Andrew Langemann

• Anna Ray

• Becky Fitzel

• Belinda Torres

• Carollyne Fried

• Chelsea Azarcon

• Connie Blackwood

• Courtney Langemann

• Darlene Gordon

• Darrel Driedger

• Deanna Tonery

• Esther Sonnenberg

• Heidi Worrall

• Holly Grainger

• June Jespersen

• Kim Driedger

• Kiwanda Redner

• Laura Burgoyne

• Melissa Leann

• Melody Livingston

• Rachel Cox

• Rachel McKenzie

• Ramona Fernandes

• Rebecca van Noppen

• Renee Mairs

• Shannon Bagley

• Sharon Farren

• Tammy Belzile

• Tiffany Cepeda

• Vicki Hooge

• Viola Louko

• Walter Blackwood

To learn more about Yairus Publishing House, please visit us at:

Seeds of Wisdom


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