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What if trust was the answer to your financial worries—not more money, not a better job, not a larger bank balance, but trust in God? Jesus says that we don’t need to worry about what we will eat, drink, or wear because God knows what we need, and He takes care of us. We just need to trust in God—our Provider, Creator and Friend.

Financial worries, and fears, and our beliefs about money are as individual and unique as each one of us. In Cultivating Trust, the journey into deeper dependency on God in your finances begins with some digging up of beliefs, turning over a few worries and fears, and planting new seeds of faith and trust. As you begin to cultivate trust you will engage with the One who made you, knows you, and invites you into a deeper relationship with Him. Read this book as God’s invitation into hope, freedom, possibility, and the adventures He has planned for you!

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Rebecca van Noppen

Rebecca is a communicator and writer, working alongside her husband David in their business More Than Enough Financial. Her desire is to see people draw close to God’s heart, as they discover God’s purposes for them on their financial journeys. As co-host of the “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb” podcast, she has a passion to declare God’s hope and freedom to people bound by financial blame, harmful behaviours and the shame and embarrassment that comes as a result. She longs to hear people talk about money in helpful, life-giving ways, and loves to be part of those conversations.

Rebecca van Noppen


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