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Sometimes life’s experiences make us numb to God, we close ourselves off to being able to hear, feel, or sense His presence, guidance, and intervention in our daily lives. We think that He either does not exist or has abandoned us. The truth is, God has never left our side. He grieves for the things that grieve us. He desires to bring freedom and revelation in all of our lives. However, He does not force Himself on us. God will try to reach us through all our senses, through external circumstances, through other people in our lives. God is always there trying to communicate with us, support us and care for us.

No One Stands Alone


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Laura Burgoyne

Laura Burgoyne, her husband, and children live on a 10 Acre Farm in Southern Alberta. She is an entrepreneur, writer, artist, and farmer. For the past 20 years Laura has been involved in mentoring youth and young adults. Laura has mentored others as a youth leader, Crisis Support Group Facilitator, Women’s Bible study leader, and mentoring anyone who came along her path. Laura’s passion is to help others realize their true identities and find their purpose. Laura is a courageous woman who has overcome abuse, poverty, mental health issues, self-loathing, and is transparent to share her stories and experiences to those she mentors.

In this unprecedented time with the rising statistics of mental illness and increasing suicides, Laura is even more determined to impact others with her story of resilience, healing, freedom, and hope. This generation needs hope for their futures and need to know that their lives have meaning. Laura desires to raise up men and women who know who they were created to be and live their lives abundantly fulfilling their Kingdom purpose on this earth.

Laura Burgoyne


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