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V-1 Isaiah Chp 1-21 • V-2 Isaiah Chp 22-44 • V-3 Isaiah Chp 45-66




First we talk to God as an observer and outsider.

Next we talk with God as a learning and young developing child.

Then we start to grow, and grow more impassioned with His love, perfection and compassion for all, trusting in His guiding.

We lay down our deep things that hinder us from the closeness we long for and become wildly enamoured with our God.

We see each other as friends, working toward the pleasure of His smile.

We catch His vision and passion and nothing hinders our travels together.

We now have become more than friends, we have become Intimately entangled. Our loves grows to the point of death without this perfect Jesus.

Then the tone of our voice is that of His heart through us.

Declaring His love, His perfect way and desires for this world. He So Loves.

We are His Voice to the nations.

We are His Hands to heal this world.

We are His Feet to stand and go and be.

We are His Heart to love.

This has been a journey of a lifetime and it is still being written in all our lives.

Join in, no matter your place on this journey.

My God who Is loving, good, and faithful and the Source of all hope, will guide you through. Just step on His path.

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Darlene Gordon

Darlene Gordon (affectionately known as “Dar”) lives with her husband, Perry on their acreage just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They have a grown, blended family of two daughters and five grandchildren, and a son who lives in heaven. 

With Perry’s unwavering love and support, Dar has been able to fulfill her call to prophetic ministry and prayer. Dar is especially passionate about the life-giving power of God’s written and spoken word. Her heart is to discern the Lord’s voice and to simply obey (admittedly easier said than done!). She sees her failures as opportunities to deepen her personal relationship with Jesus. 

Since retiring from a career as a registered dental assistant, Dar has had more time to volunteer in church ministry and governance, prayer worship dance, as well as senior care. But her favourite calling is connecting with her grandchildren’s hearts on her acreage (AKA “Grammaland”). Dar is determined to leave them an eternal legacy which includes the power of Jesus’ love, the Holy Spirit’s enabling power, and the Father’s all-encompassing love.

Darlene Gordon


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