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Their lives were changed by the careless act of a drunk driver in their hometown Brookshire, and now the Newholender’s must learn to overcome the challenges that are facing them. An inspirational story about love, hurt, anger, and forgiveness, this family has its share of trials to conquer. Will they ultimately be able to do the unimaginable and forgive the man who caused so much pain?

From Brookshire and across the ocean to the beautiful sunsets of Jamaica, this is the backdrop for a new orphanage that will help the lives of not only the children on the Island, but those who volunteer their time. This trip changed the lives of two women, and not in ways they could have ever imagined.

The Journey's End Look Inside


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The Journey's End


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The Journey's End eBook


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Cynthia Gurba

Cynthia has been happily married to her hubby, George, for 32 years and is the mother of three grown kids Tyler, Ryan and Kyleigh. Cynthia is definitely not perfect, but she is creative, passionate, and loves deeply. 

She absolutely loves Hawaii !!

Another favourite is spending quality family time at the lake with their beautiful dog, Hunter. As a fictional writer for years, Cynthia really felt the Lord prompt her to share this story of hope, love, and forgiveness.

Cynthia Gurba


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