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“Suddenly, a shooting star bolted past the glimmering moon and the stars. I’d never seen anything more beautiful in my whole life. I made a wish. I wished for a home and a family. I wished that I had a voice. Never in my life had I wished so hard….”

Join Luna, the silent kitten, on an adventure as she looks for a family that will love her, hoping she will find her voice along the way.

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Luna The Silent Kitten


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Carrie Torres

'Luna, The Silent Kitten' was written by Carrie Torres when she was 12 years old. Carrie's passions are photography, playing the piano (as well as composing music and lyrics), horse riding, learning languages, and of course, writing. She has always loved reading books and writing and was inspired by her mum who published a poetry book ‘Everlasting Arms’ to start writing her own story. Carrie adores animals (especially cats) and when she got a new young kitten, her love for writing and cats came together to make ‘Luna, The Silent Kitten’.

Through her book, Carrie hopes that you, the reader, will enjoy reading about Luna’s journey to find her voice, confidence, and who she is in this world. This story is about finding confidence even in difficult times, no matter who you are or what circumstance you may be in.

Carrie Torres


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